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Disaster Relief or How to Handle Crisis

stressed-is-desserts-magnet-c11750035Recently, we designed and distributed a prayer journal at Sovereign King to enable people to grow their prayer life in both depth and frequency.  We hope to launch a variation of the journal online eventually, but for now, we are just hoping people are enjoying more honest and personal prayer times in their relationship with Jesus.

The effort came about as we surveyed the landscape around us.  Often, when times are most difficult, people want to pray, but they just don’t know how too.  I recently found another resource that I thought was helpful.  I’m a big fan of the folks at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation, and they publish the fantastic “The Journal of Biblical Counseling” (a journal I used to subscribe to and need to again).  In their Fall ’04 issue (vol 22, number 4), they included an article entitled, “In the Eye of the Storm:  Dealing with Crisis.”  It gives the following practical approach to helping folks (or yourself) when faced with crisis.  They list the 3 choices that people have to make.

1.  Will you see and rely on the Lord?

Or will you try to cope alone?  Is your response to crisis God-centered or problem-centered?  Do you see crises as a wonderful blessing that kicks away all those props that you have been leaning on in place of the Lord?

2.  Will you use a heart-centered approach or a problem-centered approach?

Will you answer real questions like, “What is God doing in my life?”  “How is He teaching me to trust Him?”  “What sins do I need to confess?”  “How can I learn to trust Christ in this area?”  “What does faith and repentance look like in this area?”

  1. Will you let the body of Christ help?

Or will you try to handle the crisis alone?  Will you approach the crisis in an isolated, individualistic way or allow the body of Christ to be the body of Christ to you?

These thoughts, of course, do not answer all the questions that people have during difficult times, but for some of us who are going through (or helping people go through) crisis, this is a good pattern to follow in seeking healthy process, petition, and praise of God.


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  1. Hmmm…This really makes me think. “Will you let the body of Christ help?” is an interesting question. I think more often that not most people will answer that question with “Once I find myself backed completely in a corner”.

    Comment by mikeaskew | August 27, 2009 | Reply

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