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Isolation as Desolation

I don’t remember where I found this quote, but it bears reprinting:

“Isolation is the garden of the devil.  If you can be convinced to be inauthentic with people and be shamed into thinking that you are the only one that fails as frequently as you do, then you are on the sidelines and will be kept there until something changes.  Your heart will begin to shrivel and your faith will be deeply challenged.  That is why the margins (the extremes of legalism and licentiousness) are so prevalent in the church.  Somewhere along the line, we bought into the world’s understanding of how we’re supposed to do life.  We started keeping up appearances instead of being transformed, and in that place we were robbed of the communal faith that Jesus died to give us.”

Rick McKinley out of Portland Oregon

I offer this quote in anticipation of the upcoming Sovereign King Women’s ministry announcement.  If the SK Women succeed, it will be so because they have called each other out of isolation into community before Jesus Christ.  So many people are desperately lonely even in the midst of family, church, and co-workers.  Yet, Christ has redeemed us and forgiven not just as individuals but redeemed us into community.

A broken and sinful community we are (sorry to sound like Yoda), but the Church is God’s own filled with His sons and daughters, full of the Spirit, and led by the Spirit.  This empowering Spirit not only guides us in all truth, not only causes our hearts to cry “Abba” but this Spirit also binds us together.

We will keep up appearances instead of growing in transformation if we live sad, solitary lives.  If we by the power of the Holy Spirit pursue a communal faith, we more fully express and enjoy the life and joy to which God has called us.

Solitary Vision by Anita Murphy

Solitary Vision by Anita Murphy

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the need for Christian community. The corollary is that there are are different personality types, different callings, and different seasons in one’s God directed walk that are meant to include solitude. The prophets often were on a walk of solitude. Often times the apostles were the same, though they also traveled with companions and fellow laborers.

    I have found that solitude has often forced me to rely on grace alone for my substance and in return I have found a brokenness in some areas of life.

    I do not say this to diminish community at all, but I do know that solitude is often something that the Lord not only requires but also forces. Often when His voice is the only one TO hear, it is the only one you DO hear.

    Comment by Troy LaPlante | August 19, 2009 | Reply

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